Last but not least, Federbet is a non-profit organization that fights for the rights of consumers and Responsible gambling.

FederBet also provides information about responsible gambling to any consumer. If you or anyone in your environment has experienced strange behavior related to the world of gambling, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of specialists formed by betting experts and psychologists will provide the best support we can to solve this problem.


Each gaming operator affiliated with FederBet promotes a responsible approach to gambling. Betting should be an enjoyable and fun activity that should never push those who play beyond their financial limits. Unfortunately for some people gambling are not only fun, but also it has turned into a serious problem with negative consequences in the life of a person and their family.

For these reasons Federbet seeks to foster the conditions for a Responsible Gambling providing useful information in the moment that betting has become a problem.

The following rules can help each player:
  • Impose a limit of daily deposit into your gaming account;
  • Limit the amount of money allocated daily to the game;
  • Set a monthly limit/cap for gaming proportionate to their financial;
  • Set a maximum duration in minutes of the game session;
  • Never exceed the limits set;
  • Play only the amount of money initially established;
  • Stop the game when you exceed the time limit set initially;
  • Do not play sums of money whose loss would seriously damage their economic situation;
  • Avoid spending money on the game intended for other purposes;
  • When you decide to stop playing, or play less, engage in order to maintain this connection
  • Avoid spending the money or small change for the rest of the game
  • Do not play to make up for when you lose
  • Do not consider gambling as a solution to their problems and concerns
  • NEVER borrow money to play
  • Consider that the money spent on the game is the price you pay for your own amusement
  • Do not lie to loved ones about the amounts lost to the game or the time devoted to the game
  • Ask for help if you think you spend too much or play too frequently
  • Do not take time off from work go play
  • Do not play when you feel depressed, lonely, bored.