Match fixing analysis:

There are frequent concerns about the phenomenon. Match fixing threatens the credibility of the entire sports system. Attempts to rig games cause serious damage and above all affect consumers. Despite the fact that the topic has become public knowledge, match fixing is not decreasing. In fact, due to a strange effect, the more we talk about it the more the corruption spreads and it seems acceptable.

The police are the only hope, but because of obsolete legislation or attempted cover-up by the same sports federations, they move with limited powers and with little chance of eradicating a phenomenon that has now reached substantial proportions. From our analysis, we estimate that the number of disguised fixing now exceeds 1000 matches per years.

Attempts at match fixing, whether bland or full are really easy to discover. The pure and simple analysis of numbers always brings out the truth, this applied to sports betting leads to discover wired betting trends and possible fixing.

How does it work?

The betting market is like the stock market where instead of the shares, odds are traded. Like with the “shares”, odds are subject to movement, whether physical or dictated by other changes, and as long as these changes remain within a range defined as “acceptable” there is no suspicion. However, when the changes in prices lead to violent shocks and are not justifiable by the event in question, then without doubt we are witnessing an attempt at fixing. The checks on fixing are easily achievable via cooperation of bookmakers, whom by joining FederBet, have the right channel to interact and provide valuable match data (ex: matched bets).

We had experience with Italian team, Novara, which willingly decided to undergo the Federbet checks. In the end Novara, received an important reward in sports justice and it is now satisfied that any attempt at corruption attempted by its members will be reported promptly and putting the club in an advantageous position when it comes to liability…