At Fedebet we are aware of the social impact of gaming, and lately the risks of online gambling have increased this problem.

We have an active role in six clear focus areas in order to create responsible gaming around betting:

Compulsive gambling:

We consider compulsive gambling as one of the biggest problems associated with betting. Along with this problem, sufferers can carry out illegal actions such as match fixing, thefts or others illegal activities.

Underage gambling (child):

Preventing underage gambling has always been a high priority for Federbet. We want to provide a protected environment for underage people. We do not tolerate people under the age of 18 gambling and we will fight to prevent this from happening anymore.

Fraud, particularly within sporting competitions:

Federbet analyses anti-fraud practices resulting in recommendations for and/or development of, improved practices in sporting competitions.

Money laundering:

The Federation promotes guidelines among the operators and consumers, which are aimed to exclude and limit money laundering.

Fixed matches:

Fedebet exposes fixed matches all around the world. We fight against match-fixing because we consider it one of the largest viruses affecting the world of sports. Prevention of match fixing and radicalization of the phenomenon are our goals.